Chiropractic Testimonials

"Have been looking for a Good Chiropractor down here for 10 years. After hurting my low back, going to the ER and getting a CT and no disc issues, I knew I need to be realigned. So glad I met Dr. Charles. He listened to my concerns and even accepted that I worked for an awesome Chiro in PA for 7 years. I highly recommend Dr. Charles. He's helped me get my body back in line and even helped situation my gut and diet. So impressed with him. Thanks Dr. Charles!!"

- Jennifer D.

"Dr. Palminteri is a true healer. He treats the cause of the problem not the symptoms. Not long ago tweaked my shoulder and couldn't raise my arm above my head this went on for 4 days. With one quick adjustment full range of motion was restored and this should he gave me some exercises to do strengthen the surrounding muscle so won't happen again. Go see dr. Charles Palminteri he's got your back."

- Christopher L.

"For those of you skeptics like I was, have no fear! Dr. P is incredible and was a miracle worker for me when I needed his help!!!!!"

- Chad T.


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