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What causes shoulder pain?

The causes of shoulder pain include:

  • rotator cuff tendinitis - swollen tendons
  • impingement syndrome - rotator cuff gets caught between the acromium (part of the scapula that covers the ball) and humeral head (the ball portion of the humerus)
  • referred pain - pain is the result of injury to another location in your body, usually the neck or biceps
  • arthritis
  • torn cartilage
  • torn rotator cuff
  • swollen bursa sacs or tendons
  • bone spurs (bony projections that develop along the edges of bones)
  • pinched nerve in the neck or shoulder
  • broken shoulder or arm bone
  • frozen shoulder
  • dislocated shoulder
  • injury due to overuse or repetitive use
  • spinal cord injury
  • heart attack



The causes of shoulder pain listed above are a lot. The root cause of most of the resulting pain however are summarized below:

  • Neck and upper back tightness
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Arthritis
  • Abnormal patterns of movement
  • Athletic injuries and automobile accidents

Most of the resulting pain is due to issues with the spine. The nerves that control the shoulder originate in the spine. If the vertebrae around the neck and upper back are compressed or injured, the nerves that go to the shoulder will be irritated and cause pain. Even a minor spinal misalignment can result in shoulder pain. So what appears as shoulder pain may actually be referred pain from the spinal column.


Shoulder pain and abnormal motion in the joint may develop gradually or come on suddenly. Some symptoms are very subtle, but can develop into major issues. Since the shoulder joint is used in a majority of activities that we do daily, all symptoms should be watched carefully and treated right away to avoid the problem getting worse. Immediate evaluation of the shoulder include:

  • Shoulder pain that lasts for more than a week
  • Shoulder pain that goes away and then returns frequently
  • Difficulty raising your arm above your head
  • Trouble or pain when carrying objects
  • Pain in the shoulder joint that becomes more pronounced in the evening
  • Any visual signs of damage to the joint such as bruising or swelling
  • Unusual snapping or clicking sensations in the joint during movement


Chiropractic care is a gentle and non-invasive alternative to medications and surgeries that provides fast and effective results. Fort Lauderdale chiropractors are trained to deal with issues in shoulder pain. A chiropractic treatment begins with an evaluation process, using information provided from your medical history, and advanced imaging techniques. A diagnosis is used to develop an individualized treatment plan that will help ensure a fast recovery.

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